Digital Transformation Services

Bring Your Business Everywhere

For any professional who doesn’t know, digital transformation is basically the process of using digital technologies to create new, or modify your existing business processes, culture, and more often your customer experiences. Transforming your business to a better digital environment will keep your company relevant in today’s ever changing business markets. RELAY will help your team transcend their traditional roles of sales, marketing, customer service and more.


  1. Transforming Operational Process
  2. Transforming Business Models
  3. Transforming Customer Experience

Understanding the impact and effect of digital transformation on your business will change the way you run your business and how to interact with your clientele and colleagues going forward.

1- Operational & Network Transformation

Digital transformation is not just about providing a better customer experience by leveraging Ecommerce and agile customer service on social networks. No, digital transformation is about the evolution of your infrastructure. RELAY Business Management services will help you establish your network infrastructure if you’re a new build or assist you with upgrading your existing infrastructure. Our needs assessments focus on the basic elements because it always boils down to compliance and capability.

2- Business Model Transformation

Operational transformation and a digital customer experience complement business model transformation, not only by changing the way your company produces and delivers value but also by educating you as to what your competitors are doing.

3- Customer Experience Digital Transformation

One obvious example is a customer requesting to beat or at least price match while shopping in a brick and mortar store because they have just seen the product or service offered for less at competitor’s location on the internet. Consumers are quite content shopping in a virtual environment. RELAY can help you deliver this experience for the products and services you offer.