Knowing when to pass the baton

RELAY Business Management Services, LLC is a management consulting firm providing essential managed services focused entirely on your business strategy. We help our clients using data-driven strategies and solutions that produce growth and productivity. The strategies we deliver provide your workforce the ability to get their job done from anywhere and any environment. 

Our management analysts cover strategic planning and deployment, process controls and optimizing operations. We are one of the few companies that enable a total digital transformation of your company and workforce.  We concentrate on three key areas of your business.


First, we consider  your organization's overall ability to get your job done from anywhere in the world. Second, we allow you to monitor the growth and productivity metrics to ensure you know when your team is meeting production metrics.  We know there are many contributing factors that produce success in the workplace so we analize every aspects of your business. Understanding your business begins by understanding your workforce. Third, we interview and collect feedback from every employee. The best ideas are typically shared when nobody's listening. 


We believe your ability to grow from one level to the next should not mean sacrificing productivity, information or resources. We partner with you to spot unseen opportunities and position them ahead of changing markets and  technologies to increase your competitive advantage.


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