Who We Are

Solutions Where Service & Technology Meet

Our story began in 2011 providing services to a single client in the transportation industry. Since then, our services have delivered solutions to clients in many industries where our success has made positive and lasting impact. While a sizable scope of work is centered around growth and productivity, we also serve clients who need process improvement and resource reallocation in industry such as automotive, construction, manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, medical device, nonprofit, supply chain, and emerging technology firms.

‚ÄčToday, RELAY Business Management Services assists clients around the world. By providing complex analytical tools, we’re able to deliver a variety of consultative and strategic services. We leave our clients with the most efficient and effective methods to advance their business.

Existing in a given industry to capture market share simply isn’t good enough. In today’s climate, your ability to deliver unique or superior products and services is more challenging than ever. It’s a constant battle in our ever changing global economy. We’ve reached a point where industries uphold a zero-sum philosophy. To stay ahead of zero-sum competition, RELAY creates and and gives you the support you need to implement the solutions where service & technology meet. We supply your business with the newest technologies and timeless principles that are easily adapted to your business model and even easier to adopt. Knowing the skills your employees bring with them and being aware of the latest trends in your industry is more important than ever. It’s even more important to know what you can leverage from outside your industry. Connect the disconnected. That’s where RELAY can help.